Friday, January 18, 2013

How Did This All Start?

Way back in the 1980's, before the internet and before access to Eastern European archives, we started doing our genealogy the old fashioned way. We sat down with every receptive relative and started on our family tree. We asked basic questions like "what were the names of your parents (grandparents, etc.), where were they born, when were they born, etc.?" We created a paper tree. This is where most people start. Questions led to more questions. Many seemed to have no answers. We hit the proverbial brick wall. We stopped looking for answers because we didn't know where to look next. By the 1990's our grandparents had died. Although expanding beyond our little paper tree seemed hopeless, we still had faith that someday more answers would come to us. I (Leslie) decided to ask a spiritual ancestor for help with our genealogy plight. I received assistance, but not the way I expected. That night I had a dream. My ancestor came to me and very quickly listed tons of names. I interrupted and asked her to slow down. She told me that this was the only way she could do this. When I awoke I knew she had helped, but I remembered no names. Soon after, things started to change for us.