Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Much is Enough?

When we started researching our family we thought that many of our relatives died in the Holocaust. We had names, some photos and some information. Soon we learned about Yad Vashem, an institution in Israel that collects information on Jews killed in the Holocaust. Survivors and relatives submit a Page of Testimony with name and information on the victim's life and death. The focus is to keep the memory of the Holocaust victim alive and remembered forever. In 2004 all of the Pages of Testimony were put on the Yad Vashem website . We did not find any Pages of Testimony for our relatives. We were able to find a Holocaust survivor cousin who gave us more information on our relatives' life and confirmed Holocaust death. We still weren't sure if we had enough information to create Pages of Testimony for our family. Eventually we realized that we had to do it. We were the only people alive who were willing and able to create these Pages of Testimony. Even a little bit of information is better than none and will help memorialize our relatives. We had to be the voice from the grave. We had to keep their memories alive.

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