Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Scan Yourself

We spend so much of our time collecting the photos of our ancestors and other relatives; we tend to neglect photos of ourselves and our immediate family. These photos sit and rot. Who will document us? We decided to take some time out and scan our childhood photos to preserve and organize them. This was not as easy as we expected. Some photos have already begun to deteriorate and it was important to scan them before they fade away or fall apart. Some photos, like school photos and Bar Mitzvah photos, required a search for the best available copy. Many photos were unlabeled, so we had to estimate their date. Others were ruined by their markings. We can now see how we grew and how our family changed through the years over the Pesach table. We were able to turn a disorganized mess of photos into a conceptual themed collection of scanned images. Scan yourself before it is too late.

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