Monday, February 10, 2014

Galician Record Images are Online

Jacobson and Jacobson Genealogy Researchers have posted a new article on our website. Please visit to read it and learn about the Galician Record Images that are Online. Indexes of Galician Jewish records have been online for many years. This article tells you how to find images of Jewish Galician vital records through JRI-Poland. Free images of your family history could be just a click away. Here's the beginning of the article, to get you started: For more than ten years JRI-Poland has been indexing records for towns formerly in eastern (Austrian) Galicia, now Ukraine. The original records are held in the AGAD Archive in Warsaw, Poland. JRI-Poland has online searchable indexes of births, marriages and deaths for more than 90 Galician towns. Please visit to read the rest of the Jewish Genealogy article.

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